Signs of Life Part 2

Last week we talked about how dusty shoes are a good sign that we are Spiritually Alive. Another sign of life is “Worn-Out Knees.

The late Gypsy Smith told of the conversion of his Uncle Rodney.  Among gypsies, it was not considered proper for children to address their elders unless spoken to, so  young Gypsy prayed and waited for an opportunity. One day the boy’s uncle took note of Gypsy’s worn trousers.

“Laddie,” said Uncle Rodney, “how do you account for the fact that the knees of  your trousers have worn nearly through, while the rest of the suit is almost like new?”

The boy answered, “I have worn the knees through praying for you, Uncle Rodney.” Then he added with tears, “I want so much to have God make you a Christian!”

Uncle Rodney put his arms around Gypsy in a fatherly embrace, and a few moments later, he fell on his knees, confessing Christ as his Savior.

Prayer is mentioned more than 71 times in the New Testament. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 simply says “Pray without ceasing.” Jesus constantly was on his knees in prayer. He prayed for the sick, the hungry, the children, the government, the families, the church, and the lost. We can see over and over again just how important prayer is to a Christians Spiritual Life!

Are we wearing our knees out by praying for those around us? Do we spend time talking to God about our problems? Worn out knees is a sign of a Christian who is Spiritually Alive. We should pray first, and act second. We should continue to pray for the person or situation until something happens. We should “Pray without ceasing.” “We should have Worn out Knees!”

Excerpts taken from Signs of Life by Max Lucado

Pastor Kevin Jackson

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