Signs of Life Part 4

The final Sign of Life is “Outstretched Arms”. This shows a willingness to care for others. Outstretched arms show that Christians are following the example of Jesus Christ as they reach out to those in need. Outstretched arms are a sign of a Christian who has received the Grace of God and is taking what they have received and passing it on to another. The Love that Jesus Christ had for the world was:

1) Purposeful – God’s love is not fleeting or something that changes with events. God’s love is as strong as steel, as solid as granite, and as deliberate as a marching army. God’s love was not an accident. God’s love stretched to the outstretched arms of Jesus hanging on the cross.

2) Selfless – Selfless love thinks of others first and self last. When we stretch out our arms to others we become more concerned about others, and less worried about our own needs. Jesus died, not for Himself, but for others. His love was so strong that regardless of what He had to suffer He was going to provide a way of Salvation.

3) Unconditional – When God says “God so love the world”, he is talking about me and all the other me’s in the world. It does not see black or white, male or female, rich or poor, pretty or ugly, fat or skinny. God loves us all and stretches out his arms to the entire world. All they have to do is come.

4) Sacrificial – And of course because of His love His gave is all, His very life for the ones that He loves. His love is so amazing that He was willing whatever it took to reach us.

We are to love others as Jesus loved us, purposeful, selfless, unconditional, and sacrificial. If you truly want to make a mark on this world. If you want others to see Christ in you? Than reach your “outstretched arms” and love them like Jesus does.

Pastor Kevin Jackson

Excerpts taken form Signs of Life by Max Lucado

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