Meet Our Leaders

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sam and zanesam and karmyn

On Wednesday nights the dynamic duo of “Blalock and Sutton” rein in the energy of our Cherub II group!  This age group consists of little ones Kindergarten through Second Grade.  Married to her husband, Josh; they are proudly called “momma and daddy” by Karmyn and Zane (well…technically he can’t talk just yet but it won’t be long).  Continuing to serve others, as a Respiratory Therapist & Certified Hyperbaric Technologist,  Samantha works to provide a greater quality of life to those in need of respiratory support.  Bringing creativity, organization, and boldness to the youth committee-Samantha serves as our Assistant Treasurer and “keeper of the long range plans”!  In addition to her service on the youth committee, Samantha also serves as Board of Education director and she is a member of the Women’s Christian Fellowship.







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Christmas 2015 “Jennifer Gardner” YFA Leader-XP3 Curriculum


What’s Good? God is good, all the time! Hi, my name is Jenn Gardner, wife of the infamous head coach, Scott Gardner (Go Jags!). We have a beautiful blended family of three; Zander(13), Bryson(9), and Blair(5). For a little over 5 years we have been a part of the Marlboro Church family. Most of this time I have spent leading the middle grades and high school youth. When I am not at Marlboro, I continue to serve young people as a middle school assistant principal for Greene County Middle.

Spending time with my family is one of my all time favorite blessings!  Some activities and hobbies we enjoy include: Church services and activities; FCHS Jaguar Football; basketball, soccer, lacrosse, t-ball, and theatre (please note-I cheer from the sideline for my kids); raising chickens & our new furry edition, “Blitz”!


B,B, and B “Blitz”


Currently, I serve the “too cool for school”-high school group! One of my favorite verses of scripture is Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.”   Three key words in that verse “love”, “God” and “purpose”. My desire is to help young people understand just how much God loves them and wants to be loved by them… all while learning God’s purpose for their lives.


So…GO ORANGE, OR GO HOME! (just kidding don’t go home) But do come to Orange each Wednesday night beginning with chow at 6 PM followed by awesome activities to help you find your purpose!





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Tammy and Jeff “Tammy Harrison” AFC 6-8 Leader; XP3 Middle School Curriculum


My name is Tammy Harrison.  I am a member of Marlboro Original Free Will Baptist Church.  I serve as one of the Youth Leaders for our AFC program, grades 6th-8th.  In addition to serving as a youth leader, I am President of our churches Women’s Christian Fellowship. Also, I serve on the Board of Education and I teach the “Middlers” Sunday School class.  During the summer I direct our Vacation Bible School.  On Sunday’s you can also find me singing with the adult choir during our morning worship services.  One annual experience I enjoy that supports both our church and community is the Farmville Dogwood Festival held in April.  Here you will find me early in the morning at the town commons coordinating and preparing breakfast with our youth and supportive church family members.

Outside of church, I enjoy traveling; collecting recipe books (yes, I have a “kitchen” because it came with the house); reading; and spending time with family and friends either at the beach or the mountains-especially Cragmont Assembly located in Black Mountain, NC.

I have been employed by Physician’s East for twenty eight years in the Regulatory Services Department.  I live in Farmville with my husband, Jeff Harrison, who serves or Church as a Deacon.  We have been married for twenty-six years.  Although, Jeff and I have no children, God has blessed us by allowing us to share our life with a bunch of wonderful and loving children and youth at Marlboro.  And, “yes”, they are my children!


Diane Hobgood “Ms. Diane” Cherubs I Leader; First Look Curriculum


“Love in Action” could be a great caption for Diane Hobgood’s photo (above).  For over twelve years, Diane has served as a youth leader.  In our photo archives we could not locate one still shot of our beloved, “Ms. Diane” as she is always on the go!  Currently serving as our Cherubs 1 leader, each Wednesday night Diane with the support of Jessica Heath care for and teach God’s love to toddlers ages two through Pre-School (3-4 years).  While she is not serving our youth and taking care of her dad, Diane enjoys quality time (especially on the river) with Mike and Savannah!  Diane’s favorite scriptures is so true to her authentic character–“Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14.

JJP Josh, Jessica, & Pippa Jean Heath Josh-AFC Middlers; Jessica-Cherubs I

Superheros they are!  Always nice to have a dynamic duo in a husband and wife team!  Jessica works each Wednesday night with our active Cherub I crew.  She provides a great deal of support to all children as we prepare to eat our Wednesday night meal and transition to group time.  Born and raised “Marlboro”, Jessica continues to carry on building firm spiritual foundations for our toddlers.  Expanding upon her family legacy, this year Jessica and Josh welcomed Pippa-Jean!  Proud Papa that Josh is he still conserves enough energy to commit to serving with Tammy and Jenn to teach the “Middlers”.  Double the blessing with the ideas and support of this family on our youth team!  Josh provides support through ministry as he teaches our youth to minister through drama interpretations.  Jessica also serves as a member of the Women’s Christian Fellowship.




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Debbie, Patrick, and Pastor Kevin “Debbie Jackson” AFC 3rd-5th Leader; 252 Curriculum

What could be better than having our Preacher and his wife, Mrs. Debbie be an active part of youth ministry!  Mrs. Debbie serves as our leader for the AFC 3rd through 5th grade youth.  Teaching from start to finish, Mrs. Debbie shares these 3 truths from the 252 Curriculum with “AFCer’s”:  I need to make the wise choice, I can trust God no matter what, and I should treat others the way I want to be treated.  Mrs. Debbie also serves and supports our entire church family.  She takes on active roles with both the Women’s Auxiliary and Women’s Christian Fellowship.



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Suggs Christmas 2012 “Jennifer Suggs” AFC 6th-8th Leader; XP3 Middle School Curriculum


Hi, I’m Jennifer Suggs. I have been a youth leader for the past 7 years. I started out teaching toddlers, then went to elementary age, and now I have the pleasure of leading middle schoolers. Yep, THE PLEASURE… LOL! They are fun, tough, wild, crazy and very challenging, but it’s AWESOME to be apart of these kids lives and sharing Gods Word. I am a wife and a mother of 2 wonderful, beautiful, and perfect (hehe…ok, not all the time) kids. I work at East Carolina Heart Institute @ Vidant Medical Center. I love coffee, dark chocolate, and just enjoying all of what God has blessed me with. Come on out and join our youth group as we help middle schoolers experience the wonder for who God is, discovery of who He created them to be, and passion for loving others.


Leslie Selfie “Leslie Sutton” Cherubs II Leader; First Look Curriculum

The “Sutton” of the Cherub II duo, Leslie serves as lead teacher for the ever-so-lively Kindergarten through Second grade class.  Leslie, like many of the women on the panel, holds many roles in our local and church community.  If I had to guess… at the top would be “mom”!  Jameson and Blake are her two boys, whom she proudly parents with her husband, Jonathan.   Giving Cherubs their first impression of the Lord, Leslie uses the First Look curriculum to help these children understand these 3 truths: God Made Me, God Loves Me, and Jesus Wants to be My Friend Forever!  In addition to her role with the youth committee, Leslie serves as Assistant Director of the Women’s Christian Fellowship for our church.